Wedding Guests @ Chico Hotels

posted May 6, 2011, 10:22 AM by Amber Marcu

Dear Evans-Marcu Wedding Guest:

Welcome to Chico and Thank You for coming to share in our big day on Saturday!  We hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy the lovely weather and surrounding areas.

We’ve included some information about the area and travel to the wedding (Saturday, May 7th):

  • The 101 Things to Do in Butte County booklet
  • Shuttle Service (between your hotel & the Gustafson Family Gardens)
    • Due to fire hazard, extremely limited space at the ceremony/reception site, and to ensure that you arrive and return safely, we require all of our guests to ride the Bus Man Tours charter coach.  If you miss the shuttle,
      PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE to the location
      ; please wait for the next shuttle which should be within the hour.
      • 1st pick-up (to attend wedding ceremony): ~4:00pm
      • 2nd pick-up (to attend reception ceremony): ~5:15pm
      • Pick-ups/drop-offs will continue throughout the night or as requested by calling the driver at (530) 520-8600.
      • Last shuttle service leaving the reception to return back to your hotel will be ~Midnight and will be announced by our MC/DJ.

If you have any questions, please call either:

  • ·         Florin: (309) 863-5609 or Amber: (530) 321-9325
  • ·         Or the Gustafson Family residence: (530) 342-5241

Enjoy your visit to California!  We look forward to seeing you very soon!  (Yay! Such a Happy Day!)

With Love, Amber & Florin (Marcu!)